“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

So we begin again…what? You want to know what I’m talking about….okay, here we go…

Some time ago, I retreated into my own little world. I had a number of reasons why, what with the economy, the government, the politicians, the international issues plaguing my business.

But mostly I was lost. Not physically mind you, just lost…”David doesn’t live here anymore,” was the witty repartee going on in my head throughout the days, weeks and months.

The worst part is that I wasn’t even looking to rekindle the flame that once burned brightly. I stopped sending newsletters, stopped posting on my blog, didn’t get into the social media other than to waste time. My life sank into a nasty, self-involved, drama party that affected both my professional and personal life.

So it is without further ado, and during this time of rebirth and resurrection – Easter, Passover, Vernal Equinox (whatever works for you) – that I am recommitting myself to my personal quest for excellence and my .

You’ll find more blog content, more free audio, more teleconferences/webinars, training, and some upcoming partnerships with other top trainers – each of us taking things to the next level including but not limited to – Goal Achievement, Body Transformation, Financial Accelerators, Mindset Mastery and Personal Performance Technologies.

I invite you to to do the same – are there areas in your life where you’re not playing all out? Have you felt like you’re stuck? Did you ever wake up and realize that another year has gone by and nothing has changed? YES to all three for me…

Join me, let’s lock arms and launch each other into the proverbial stratosphere of personal excellence – Follow me on twitter @davidmartininfo, for Facebook – click here – and for the bold, connect with me to schedule a no obligation, exploratory coaching session.

Until next time, remember to put everything you have into everything you do because the best is yet to come!