Tell Me in English!

“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Several years ago one of my very best friends came for the weekend with his wife and my mom is visiting from back east. We ran around Albuquerque, went to a party at another friend’s place, ate, relaxed and ate some more. A good time was had by all.

My daughter Gabi was two-years old at the time. She immediately took to my friend’s wife. Gabi wanted to sit by her in the car, she wanted to sit next to her at breakfast and she wanted her to play with her toys. They had a great time playing throughout the weekend.

For the most part the primary language in our home is Spanish. The girls of course learned English from their cousins, the Disney Channel, in school etc. However our main focus in the home is to hablar español.

When the time came that my friends were preparing to leave, Gabi was talking to her new found pal asking her to do something and she was asking her in Spanish. She kept asking and asking but the my friend’s wife didn’t quite understand what Gabi wanted. So, she finally said, “Gabi, tell me in English!

We all got a big laugh out of that one.

You see, when Gabi was 2 years old she didn’t have a concept of speaking multiple languages. She just knew a bunch of different ways to be understood. She now has a full understanding of which words to use with which people.

That’s why 2 was such a cool age. Gabi hadn’t been spoiled by negative thoughts or limiting thinking. She hadn’t been taught what she can and can’t do. When it comes to communications she just kept on trying until she got her point across.

Wouldn’t it be great to be 2 all over again?   

What would it be like to believe you could get whatever you wanted and ask until you got it?   

What would it be like to live everyday expecting to get everything you want?   

How good would you feel if you began each day with excitement and enthusiasm, not knowing what you were going to learn next?   

Can you do that? Can you live with the enthusiasm of a 2 year old?

Answer: Of course you can.

  • You can create a VISION that will excite you.   
  • You can establish BELIEFS that will empower you.   
  • You can condition your MINDSET to be on autopilot toward success.   
  • You can learn COMMUNICATION skills that allow you to connect with people at a deeper level.   
  • You can pursuit KNOWLEDGE that is useful and applicable to your goals.   
  • You can become a LEADER that people want to follow.   
  • Your ACTIVITY each day will build your personal momentum.   
  • Your ability to CONTRIBUTE will expand exponentially.

So it doesn’t matter what language you speak, learning to live without limitations is like regaining the intangible qualities of being two years old.

Until next time, put everything you have into everything you do because the best is yet to come!

Learn how to regain the enthusiasm of a two-year old here!

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